THIS is the bizarre moment an attractive blonde tourist was pulled over by cops for wearing an “indecent” pair of bikini bottoms during Holy Week.

Officers spotted the unnamed woman riding on the back of a motorcycle in Bohol, Philippines last month.

She was wearing a white top with a pair of bikini pants that exposed her bottom to passing motorists in the middle of a local religious festival.

Cops were pictured pulling her over and ordering her to cover up her bare buttocks with a sarong.

Bizarre moment a tourist was pulled over by cops for wearing bikini bottoms during Holy Week.

A police spokesman said: ”Baclayon Police Station led by Senior Inspector Raymond Halasan, chief of police and his Women and Children Protection Desk officer Christine Vidal flagged down the two indecent foreigners riding a motorcycle, issued violation tickets to them.”

Neither of the couple were identified – but they were allowed to continue their journey in the popular resort.

One resident blasted: ”This is OK for the beach but not riding around outside.”

And another raged: ”Tourists should act like local people do in the place they visit. This is offensive. It is worse because this is Easter time and a religious holiday.”

Senior Inspector Romar Labasbas added: ”We are reminding tourists to please observe proper decorum even if they are guests in this place.”

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