The Trump Shutdown came home for the holidays, and it might be here for a while. Funding for nine government agencies lapsed early Saturday morning after Congress and the White House failed to reach spending deal amidst debate over those artistically designed steel slats that the Mexican government was supposed to buy us.

The shutdown affects just a quarter of the government, as its remaining departments are funded through the fall. Around 800,000 federal employees may be furloughed or forced to work unpaid until their agencies are funded.

If you’re a gift procrastinator still waiting for some all-important packages to arrive in the mail, there’s no need to fear—the Postal Service will be up and running, as well as other essential services like the military, TSA, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

National Parks will remain open, but with little to-no staff, while agencies like the IRS and FDA will shutter. Legislators are gathering at the capitol to discuss a funding deal, and a vote may be coming as soon as Sunday. This is the third shutdown of 2018, and marks the first time since 1977 that there have been three funding lapses in one calendar year.