Docras Kasinde, reign as this year’s Miss Africa got off to the worst possible start when her hair caught light just as the trophy was being handed over to her.

According to reports, the Congolese champion had just beaten Nigeria’s Chiamaka Nnaemeka and Zambia’s Gladys Kayumba to take home the coveted tiara.

In a clip being shared online the winner can be seen bursting into tears of joy but then just moments later these turn into tears of sheer horror as she quickly realises her hair has gone up in flames.

The 24-year-old’s hair somehow becomes engulfed flames after sparks from nearby fireworks seem to land on her at the event in the Cross River State, in Nigeria.

Moments Miss Africa 2018 Winner's Hair Ignites During Firework Celebration
Moments Miss Africa 2018 Winner's Hair Ignites During Firework Celebration

At first the young woman doesn’t seem to know anything has happened and can be seen embracing those around her, while gasps can be heard from the audience watching on in horror.

It is only when a member of the production team spots what is happening and jumps in that they are able to extinguished the fire in her hair and make sure she is ok.

According to reports Ms Kasinde was given a once over by medics who were on standby and she didn’t appear to have suffered any injuries.

Fortunately, 2018’s Miss Africa shared a short video of herself online to let her fans and everyone concerned that she was fine.

She said: ‘I’m good. My hair… it’s okay. I feel good now. Thank you!

‘I’m so happy and I want to thank you all to come tonight to support me and support me on social media.’

Let’s hope $35,000 (£27,500) cheque and new truck she was given for winning the contest might go some way to healing the wounds.