A 28-year-old Deana Seltzer has been charged after she allegedly attacked her elderly parents and threatened to kill her father with a knife because they wouldn’t take her to Outback Steakhouse. 

Deana Seltzer, who lives with her parents in Lake Worth, Florida had asked her parents to take her to the Australian-themed restaurant chain last Wednesday night. 

Police said that when Vadim and Lydumila Seltzer told their daughter they were not going to Outback Steakhouse, she lashed out as her ‘elderly and frail’ parents.

Deana is accused of punching her mother on the chest and arms before scratching her dad on his face and body when he tried to pull them apart. 

She allegedly then flipped a glass dining table, causing it to shatter into hundreds of pieces. 

Police said Deana went on a rampage through the house by overturning recliners chairs and tearing up furniture. 

She allegedly grabbed a 12-inch decorative knife and started swinging it at her father. 

Deana chased him and yelled: ‘I’m going to f***ing kill you’, according to police. 

Her father managed to call 911 and tell them his daughter was armed with a knife, but the line cut out. 

When police arrived at the home, they said Vadim came running out the home and his daughter followed him soon after. 

She was charged with simple battery, battery of a person 65 or older and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Deana was released the following day from the Palm Beach County jail on supervised recognizance.